Signature Treatments

Truly unique, our signature treatments are designed to pamper and rejuvenate while celebrating our incredible locale. Experience our unique Warm Soothing Stone Massage treatment or indulge in our incredible Four Hands Massage.

Four Hands Massage

50 Minutes - $190

Indulge in the tranquility of two therapists working in unison, performing a choreographed, deeply relaxing full body massage, which incorporates a gentle exfoliating foot treatment and a soothing scalp conditioning treatment.

Warm Soothing Stone Massage

75 Minutes - $190

This treatment begins with an application of seven essential oils along the spine to deepen relaxation, aid in detoxification and increase well being. The warmth of smooth, heated basalt stones are combined with the expert touch of the massage therapist to melt away stress and tension for an extraordinary spa experience.

Vista Blue Custom Massage

50 Minutes - $125 | 80 Minutes - $175 | 110 Minutes - $235

Different massage styles will be customized to meet your specific needs, creating overall balance, relaxation and stress reduction.
*Deep tissue massage is not available for 110 minute treatment.



25 Minutes (Individual) - $60 | 45 Minutes (Couples) - 85

Mineral rich water offers a sensual and full retreat for the entire body. Sea and earth salts are blended with organic herbs and essential oils with specific therapeutic benefits. Choose one to fit your needs. All baths are accompanied by fresh fruit, hot tea and chilled water. Choice of:

Stress Relief

Settles the nerves and calms the mind, deeply relaxes the body.


Eliminate toxicity from deep within and let the body float into a state of absolute release.


Deeply nourishes and restores depleted energy, uplifting to the mind and body.


Meaning "little sea" is a sodium reduced seawater concentrate containing all of the active components of the sea 104 trace elements essential to cellular balance and vitality.